Sunday, June 03, 2001

I had a good dream last night. A happy dream:

It was in two parts. The first was that I was making offical vows with this guy in front of my family and family friends. We held the ceremony in public. I remember his features : he was dark, had broad shoulders and had a very masculine physiogamy. He didn't talk much but he was so sincere when he made those vows to forever love me, in sickness and in health, in poverty or in wealth. I was so happy. He held my hand when he made those vows. Me too. My family was in the background and my mom and her friends were so happy that there may be a chance that I'd be spared a lonely old age. I never felt that I'd ever see this scene in my life. He had a group of close buddies too and they came late. He addressed their presence in a masculine way and I was so charmed. His friend were here to wish us well too.

The next scene had to do with me and him walking hand in hand with a group of my closes friends from my JC class. We went out as a group for some outing. He just held my hand and made me feel so safe. I always walked a step ahead of him but he didn't mind that. He was always behind me to protect me. I was making some comments - some bitchy as usual and he only smiled cos he knew I didn't have an ounce of ill will.

He was so special. I wonder if I'd find him in reality. He wasn't good looking in the conventional sense, but in my eyes, he's the best looking guy in the world. And in his eyes, I am perfection.